The National Civil Engineering Summit is an annual week-long celebration of events, participated by students from all over the country, wherein the fields of Civil Engineering are upheld, and all the participants are equipped with the skills and ethics they need in building the nation together. The National Civil Engineering Summit comprises the following events: InCEthink – Bridge Building Competition, High School Laboratory Tour, and High School Career Talk; the 2-day National Civil Engineering Symposium, 2-day College Laboratory Tour, 2-day AdvanCE, Company Talks, CE Job Fair, and the National Civil Engineering Quiz.

Blackout is an annual benefit party, where part of the proceeds is given to a chosen charity. It celebrates the academic year in a night of unwinding and fun.


Jammeng’g is a band competition with a given theme and limited song choices. It induces performances ranging from the craziest, most enlivened presentation up to the smoothest and sentimental crooning acts.


Indakan is an interpretative dance competition that exhibits the innovative and creative talent of the students in accordance with the year’s chosen theme. For over 40 years, it has been one of the most awaited and attended night of the Engineering Week.


Pump Up aims to instill essential skills for academics, creativity, human relations and professional ethics needed for college life and the corporate world. Each seminar is attended by more than 100 students.


Board Operations are organized for UP ACES alumni who are about to take the Civil Engineer Licensure Exam. It comprises a Holy Eucharist celebration and dinner that are attended by both the resident members and the alumni.



Launched in January 2016, The EDIFICE Project was able to address the pressing concerns of the institute, securing a grand total of Php 12,410,000, dedicated to the furnishing of the ICE Compound.

It is a four-phase project in which majority of the donations flocked in through the Grand Cocktail Dinner. Last July 12, 2016, prominent engineers such as Dr. Aura Matias, Engr. Dan Abando and Dr. Alexis Acacio were amongst who graced the occasion with their presence at the Manila Polo Club.


Project ALAS is an annual service project that involves using Civil Engineering-related skills and values in catering the needs of different communities or institutions.


In an earnest attempt to reach out to disaster-stricken communities, UP ACES initiated a fund-raising project called, “Posticktivity”. From its root words “Stick” and “Positivity”, the project endeavors to sell stickers, with the goal of raising awareness on pressing issues and expressing solidarity with victims of calamities.


ACES Cares is an internal forum that is geared towards promoting mental health awareness. For its inaugural, ACES Cares promoted healthy habits to maintain during the throes of last semester’s ‘hell week.’