Committee on Academics

The Committee on Academics ensures the academic welfare of the members through study groups and tutorials. With the goal of providing additional review materials for the members, the committee also regularly updates and arranges files in the organization’s extensive virtual academic library.

Committee on External Affairs

The Committee on External Affairs promotes relations between the organization and outside entities such as the UP College of Engineering, the UP Institute of Civil Engineering, other organizations, UP ACES alumni and the public.

Committee on Finance

The Committee on Finance oversees the solicitation, finance, fundraising, and accounting for all organization activities. Projects such as Shop 54, Posticktivity, ACES Privilege Card and other internal fundraising endeavors help ensure that the organization’s other projects and events are well-funded.

Committee on Lounge Management

The Committee on Lounge Management ensures that the habitability and comfort of the members’ lounge. With the organization’s growing inventory, the committee also sees to it that the properties and supplies of UP ACES are properly maintained and protected.

Committee on Marketing

The Committee on Marketing is in charge of all the corporate relationships of the organization.

Committee on Professional Formation

The Committee on Professional Formation is responsible for the professional growth of each member. The committee organizes activities that adhere to this purpose such as Pump Up, a seminar series discussing real-life professional skills and ACES Link, a project that brings jobs and internships closer to the younger population of the organization.

Committee on Publicity

The Committee on Publicity is primarily in charge of information dissemination, as well as publicity and technical needs for all organization activities.

Committee on Records

The Committee on Records is in charge of the safekeeping of all documents, minutes, databases, and the monthly calendar of events. It also ensures the annual recognition of the Organization in the College.

Committee on Sports and Recreation

The Committee on Sports and Recreation promotes the development of the talents and skills of the members by organizing workshops, sports fests and various activities aimed to foster holistic growth.




UPAE 1998


Are UP students globally competitive when it comes to the real world circumstances?

The CE discipline prepared me to be confidently analytical and logical in addressing real world challenges. In pursuing my graduate studies at US prestigious and highly competitive universities, I was able to get my Master in Business Administration from Syracuse University in New York and Master in Public Administration from Harvard University. Both degrees required analytical problem solving, management tools and people skills that I learned as a UPCOE student and leader.

Being able to establish one of the icons in UP Diliman, what can you advise to those people who wish to build a great one like the Sundial?

Icons can come from any of civil engineering sub-disciplines such as construction, energy, environmental, geotechnical, structural, transportation, urban and rural development, water resources and hydrology. The icon will depend on your preferred symbolism, value and message that resonate in the icon. Infrastructures such as bridges, dams, windmills, buildings, etc. can be icons for civil engineers. I like suspension bridges such as San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge – symbolizing ingenuity, connectivity and stability.